SRiM Online also conducts Super Sunday class Room contact program for Maths students. Super Sunday is a 4-hour class-based program, the session covers a single maths topics on a particular day. Taught by our maths expert, it also covers shortcuts and tricks to solve maths problems within seconds. Some of the key benefits for SRiM Super Sunday are:

Students who want to clear their concepts on different maths topics should attend Super Sunday classes

The mathematics experts would not only clear the concepts, but would also teach how to use shortcut tricks to solve the questions fast.

Students are given individual attention; therefore the seats in Super Sunday batches are limited

SRiM Super Sunday covers only a single topic in a single session, therefore the concepts for that particular topic is cleared for the students.

This is conducted @ 38 HIG coloney, Near Tel. Exchange, Mumfordganj - Prayagraj and also in different venues as per requirement.